January 17, 2018

  1. ”Beneficiary

    Targeted beneficiaries will be selected on the basis of participatory Rural Appraisal and focal group discussion with the help of WS and UDC. The people of that area will be motivated to be organized. The Community organizers will discuss about the prevailing socio-economic problems and also about the negative impact of week coordination. The beneficiaries themselves will identify their problems and take necessary steps to solve them according to a plan prepared by them. An amounting of Taka 10.00 Lakh will be allocated for this purpose.
  2. ”Organization

    There will be a committee consist of 20-25 members in every administrative Ward namely Ward Sangshad (WS). The formation of the WS will be as follows: (1) Chairman – 1 (2) Vice-chairman – 2 (3) Cashier – 1 (4) General member – 15-20 (5) Member secretary – 1 The UP member will be the advisor of the committee. The members of WS will be from different professions and will confirm the participation from possible all geographical corner of the ward. In the WS it should be ensured that at least one fifth member of the total WS would be selected from the woman. In the WS there must be representative from school teacher, religious leader, local non-political elite, Freedom Fighter, etc. The WS will be formed in general meeting by selection process.
  3. ”Awareness

    The project will have some motivational and awareness raising program on the existing laws, rules and procedures regarding the rights and responsibilities as its regular activities. Also some program will be taken to make them aware about gender development, Eve teasing, population control, family planning, adult and child education, primary health care, nutrition, legal right, etc. with the help of local officials of the GO-NGOs.
  4. ”Family

    Ward Sangshad will motivate the mass people to adopt family planning as a supportive body to Family Planning Deptt (FPD). For the case of more than two children birth, the ward Sangshad will report to UDC and they with the help of the FPI and FWA of FPD will motivate that couple to adopt family planning. Organizer of this project will assist to this process and submit report to Upazila office through UDC. The advancement report of the family planning activities of the respective Union will be discussed as a common and separate agenda in UDC. Also organizer along with WS will ensure the healthcare support like EPI program, access to union health complex, community clinic and will ensure effective linkage between these.
  5. ”Movement

    One of the most important factors for the population growth as well as poverty is early marriage in Kurigram district. It is so acute that it hampers the prosperity as a whole. The project will take different initiative to discourage early marriage.
  6. ”Training

    It is proposed to arrange the following types of training under this project to address the skill development and socio-economic issues. It is expected that a total 20540 member of beneficiaries will be trained during the project period.
  7. ”Workshop/Seminar/Coordination

    নির্মান কাজ চলছে 
  8. ”Asset

    নির্মান কাজ চলছে 
  9. ”Support

    নির্মান কাজ চলছে