January 17, 2018


Bangladesh is one of the least development countries straggling against poverty. Un -development and unemployment together with low income are the important issues for Bangladesh. More than 40% people are still stay below the poverty line. So poverty is the most important challenge for Bangladesh. Government of Bangladesh along with the other agencies is trying to ensure the best utilization of potentials and resources to improve the poverty condition.

Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRDB) is the prime government sector agency engaged in rural development and poverty alleviation. Since 1971 BRDB is working with different strategy and have vast experiences in this field. In fact BRDB is mandated for coordination RD & PA activities at the formation and implementation stage.

Kurigram is one of the backward districts of Bangladesh situated in Rangpur division. The total area of Kurigram is 2225.29 sq. kilometer and the population is 1.66 million. Historically this district is in the scarcity of resources & employment opportunity. Especially the rural area experiences low literacy rate as well unconscious lifecycle. Rate of migration/going out for seeking jobs or other activities is also very low. The channels of different communication style are not up to the mark. The thinking and involvement to different development actions/activities are very limited. As a result the outlook of general people of this area has not yet been widened. They are not aware of their rights and responsibilities. Also they don’t know about their wants and needs. So their demands are not increased. These result less opportunities for the development of trade and commerce, development of communication and again less opportunity to widen the outlook. By these they are gripped by a diminishing circle.

Seasonal scarcity in certain period for every year is an important issue here. Lack of awareness, less opportunity to use the potential, no industrialization etc. together made this district as backward one. So poverty is still a big

Challenge for Kurigram. So for the socio economic development it needs to have GO, NGO initiative in Kurigram.

The Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh visited Kurigram on 06-3-2010 and there she graciously declared that a project should be launched for the poor and Helpless of Kurigram district. As such this project namely “Initiative for Development, Empowerment, Awareness and Livelihood Project, Kurigram” is proposed for unlocking the potentials of Kurigram and improvement of socio-economic condition.

The project will incorporate coordination, awareness raising, training & motivational work, asset transfer, market linkage and also address the roots of poverty etc. for the sustainable development of the poor and helpless people of this area.